More intelligent than humanly possible

MOV37: Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS)

ALIS, ALIS, what the heck is ALIS?

ALIS is "The Third Wave" of Investing

It’s no longer man vs. machine. We’ve teamed up. The intersection of man, machine and data science has given rise to Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS).

MOV37 is pioneering the third wave of investing: ALIS. First there were discretionary managers, then quants. ALIS is a revolutionary way of investing - made possible by AI and data science.

Our team’s experience in discovering talent and capitalizing on game-changing technology has positioned us to lead this emergent industry.


Ever since man harnessed the power of fire and invented the wheel, humans have multiplied their potential by pushing the limits of the possible through technology.


In our lifetime, computing power has grown exponentially. It’s more powerful. It’s more accessible. And it’s cheaper.

Data: The Game Changer

Structured and unstructured data is growing exponentially. By the year 2020, new data four times the size of the entire US Library of Congress will be created every second. This unprecedented growth has changed the game.

Data Science

Today, the newly expanding field of data science has allowed machines to parse, classify and structure unstructured data. The power of previously unusable data sets can now be unlocked.


The confluence of reduced machine, data and data science costs has created a timely opportunity to invest efficiently in this exciting new area with lower fees.


It's the mashing together of five unprecedented events.

This is ALIS.

  • 1

    Data blew up.

    90% of data on the internet was created in the last two years. Most of it is unstructured.

  • 2

    Data Science
    caught up.

    New analysis and structuring platforms are now able to parse, classify and exploit the previously unusable oceans of data.

  • 3

    Machine Learning has surpassed humans.

    Previously unthinkable tasks for computers—such as winning at the poker table—are now a reality.

  • 4

    Computing has grown exponentially cheaper.

    Access to high-powered computers costs a fraction of what it did 10 years ago, reducing managers’ costs and their historically high fees.

  • 5

    Discretionary investment has been left behind.

    The discretionary investment manager’s historical ‘information’ edge has been eroded by the scale, scope and impact of regulatory enforcement.

Tomorrow Starts Today


In assembly language, MOV means to replace the old with the new. “MOV37” references the pivotal 37th move in machine learning when artificial intelligence (AI) defeated the world’s greatest chess and GO players.

When it comes to investing, is the ‘repeatable process’ really just wash, rinse and repeat? With Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS), investors now have access to machine-learning strategies. Iterative processes allow investments to evolve.

What is


Through our deep connections in finance, technology and academia we've identified and analyzed a universe of more than dozens of managers employing diverse, cutting edge ALIS strategies.

Capitalizing on decades of sourcing, underwriting, seeding, nurturing and investing with emerging talent across different industries, the team at MOV37 is identifying the next generation of managers that are harnessing the power of ALIS. We believe our MOV37 portfolio represents the leading edge of ALIS.

After two years of research, MOV37 has built one of the industry's first databases dedicated to ALIS.

The MOV37 investment team is striving to create the new standard of excellence in due diligence for the ALIS era. Our vision and market acumen give us first mover advantage.

MOV37 seeks independent strategies with diverse alphas to establish a multi-strategy portfolio designed to achieve an attractive Sharpe ratio.